Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Snow

Did you hear about the snow storm that hit the east coast this weekend? Our county was on the far west side of the storm, so we just got a dusting.
Waking up to snow is one of my favorite things. So, I took a few shots on the way to the woodshed.

The hills always get more snow and stay covered just a little bit longer. This is looking towards the barn and across the road.

If the garden wasn't done before, it is now. Good thing I'd harvested almost everything last week (stay tuned for that upcoming post).


  1. Beautiful! Grandma Toppe always described this as looking a dusting of powdered sugar, and if it is a plowed field, like a pan of brownies with a powdered sugar dusting. That would be a nice treat right now, wouldn't it?

  2. Mollie, your photos get better every day! I love the new fallen snow...better at the Jennings Brae Bank Farm than in dirty cities.

  3. I totally agree with Aunt Louise. What photos. You capture the farm in the way I saw it growing up. The angles are so familiar. Your focus is true and terrific. I hope your students are able to see this. What motivation to do what you love and see the wonderous results! I also love the drive into town because there are two hillsides that always look like spun lace longer than the others - the view unbroken by houses. Just snow glazed trees.


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