Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween clean-up

The third graders at our school carved pumpkins on Monday. Their teacher was just going to throw them away when they were done. But, I rescued the jack-o-lanterns from the dumpster.

The chickens are enjoying the new treats!


  1. My resorceful daughter!
    The chickens and jack-o-lanterns go together nicely. Great photo subjects, too. Made me smaile and laugh.

  2. Those are some good looking chickens. Will they stick their heads way in the holes to get at the insides? The way the cat will stick her head all the way into a drinking glass to lick the bottom?

  3. How Goofy, Mollie. In California we call this "Dumpster Diving." Amazing what people will throw away...still, I never saw used Jack-O-Lanterns as chicken feed. Cheap fun. You and John have beautiful chickens! Keep us up on what is next.

  4. Yes - you are a professional garbologist now! I think this is one heck of a way to share holiday joy with your flock. I bet they loved the pumpkins and the bugs that came to feast became an extra treat! Smiled with your Mom when I saw the chickens with their jack o' lanterns. I bet if you let the teachers know, they'll keep things like this for your flock in exchange for a few eggs!

  5. I think these pictures are kind of creepy. All these chickens pecking away on these weird orange heads. Very post-Halloween creepiness.

  6. Bruce, yes I know it's pretty weird. The chickens love fresh grass and garden scraps, with the change in the weather there isn't much of those left. Soon their diet will only be grain and veggie scraps from the kitchen, so I wanted to give them something tasty while I still could. They seemed to enjoy pecking at the pumpkin heads (yes K, all the way at the bottom) and it's better than pecking at each other!


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