Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final Harvest

A couple weeks ago we spent the day puttering around. Farmer John worked on several odds and ends - mostly with the new cattle chute. I finished up all the harvesting from the gardens.

That mess of weeds I'm about to dig into was our pumpkin patch. Hidden within it were some sweet potato plants. The sweet potatoes don't grow very deep, but having some kind of tool to dig them up is easier than just pulling on the vines. The little pitch fork was my implement of choice.

I was happy with our crop of sweet potatoes this year. I didn't find a ton of them out in the garden. The total harvest fills half a paper grocery bag. Still, this is ok. Sweet potatoes don't store as well as regular potatoes, so we need to eat them relatively quickly. They will make for some tasty snacks and dinners this fall.

Also, as the fall freeze was rapidly approaching, it was time to clear any and all vegetable remnants from the garden. We collected a wonderful bounty of end of the year veggies as shown in the picture above. The green peppers are so sweet this time of year. A few tomatoes, squash, and zucchini were also harvested. Hopefully all these treats will satisfy our fresh vegetable cravings until spring.


  1. always. Beautiful produce produced by a beautiful farm girl and handsome farmer. You both are hard workers! Enjoy "the fruits of your labors"!

  2. Have you ever had spinach or brussel sprouts after the first frost? The best! The sweetness really comes out. There is a farm near Madison that grows spinach all winter under plastic sheets over hoops, and it is coveted by restaurants in Chicago, or so I read once.

  3. Just thinking of the food being on the table fresh from the garden and then back on the table, freshly made from your kitchen. This back porch has been a living room for the family for generations and still looks best with the results from a summer of gardening displayed prettily on it. Way to go Farm Girl Mollie!


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