Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wrangling Cattle in Bathrobes

Yes, that's what we did last night.

I awoke around 11:15pm to a sound a couldn't place right away. I thought it was Coco snoring. But after I woke up a bit more, I realized it was a cow. Perhaps several cows. Farmer John was in a fog of NyQuil since he's sick, but like a good farmer he woke up too.

We put on our robes and whatever shoes were closest to the door and went to the porch. We couldn't tell at first if we were hearing our cows or the cows across the road.

Of course the were our cows. And they were loud!

Farmer John went to investigate, I went to get flashlights. Turned out there were two calves outside the fence and down by "Uncle" John's garden. The calves weren't making a sound. Their mothers however were throwing a fit. This is what it sounded like "Jooooooooohn! Moooooowlie!" They might act dumb, but when they want their babies back cows are pretty smart...just wake us up.

Farmer John got them herded up towards the house, I got the gate open. We both herded them in the right direction and they reunited with the herd. Did I mention we were in our bathrobes?

Farm life is just ridiculous sometimes.


  1. Wearing bathrobes to wrangle cattle under an almost full moon. Now what could be more farm-like?
    Lovely, fence, and fowl-moving, wood cutting, asparagus tidying. Fun to help get the JBBF ready for winter on a gorgeous, warm November weekend.

  2. FamerJoooooh n Farm Lady Mooooolllie, we, your readers need video of things like this to fill our days with smiles.


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