Sunday, December 4, 2011


After spending some time cleaning this morning:

"Hey Farmer John, are other houses as dirty as ours?"

"You mean other farmhouses with two people that work full-time, heat with a woodstove, have to walk across a bridge and up a muddy hill to get to their house, have two big dogs, and are in the middle of a major construction project? Yeah, they're probably this dirty."


  1. Probably :) We're an "other farmhouse with two people," (but none of the rest of that), and I bet our house is probably that dirty. Dirt floor cellar? Chickens on the back porch? I don't know what else I got as an excuse.

  2. Thanks for the update on the bridge and other aspects of WV farm life. Your house is not dirty...remember this..."A Good House is Never Done." It is a motto that always works.


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