Monday, December 5, 2011

"Is that bridge getting built?" An update

Up until Thursday this is what the bridge project area looked like. For those of you keeping track - we're going on two weeks of looking at the bridge like this. Have I mentioned that it's not supposed to look like this?

On Thursday they started digging out the bank closest to the road. This is where they would set more blocks.
The blocks were delivered on Thursday, and they started to set them into place late on Friday evening.
On Saturday the work continued. They set more levels of blocks. There are 6 layers of blocks total. That includes the wing wall that they created to help prevent erosion once the bridge is in place.

The guy walking on the bridge is someone who's with the pipeline project. They have been all over our place for the last couple weeks. More on that soon.

Since our parking space is ripped up, filled with cement blocks and an excavator, this is where we've been parking. It's a little ways down the road from the farm.

The guys finished setting all the blocks on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Grant used the excavator to fill the dirt back in around the blocks.

At this point, the blocks are in place and ready for the bridge to be set onto them. The big problem is that they do not have the equipment to set the bridge. They are running into all kinds of dead-ends when it comes to renting a very large excavator. (It has a lot to do with all the oil and gas work going on in WV, PA and OH)

Do you have an 80,000 pound excavator we could borrow for a day or two?

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  1. And you were fretting about a dirty house!


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