Friday, December 16, 2011

For Susi and Jim

Our sweet Coco girl used to live on another farm. That's where she met Susi and Jim (Farmer John's sister and brother-in-law). Coco followed Susi and Jim when they rode the four wheeler up to their cabin and got to hang out with them. 

But, that's also where she was the "little" dog on the farm. The other two residents were mastiffs. And they didn't play nice. 

Right after Farmer John and I moved into the farmhouse, Susi told us about a wonderful farm dog that needed to be rescued and could be ours. And that's when Coco came to live with us. What a wonderful idea Susi! 

It's hard to believe she's been with us for six years already. If there is a dream life for a dog, Coco is living it.  She spends her day romping around the farm and her evening perched regally in her throne next to the Christmas Tree. What a life!

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  1. I was just checking in and about to say that other than myself, you are the only one to discuss the solstice! Happy Yule you wonderful Farm Girl Mollie and Farmer John! Yes, you rescued CoCo and never has a dog been treated better. She had a great life on her first farm, but was in such danger. You took her in - almost like your first child. You sheltered her, had surgery for her aches and pains and when I see her now, coat all aglow and the leaps into the Wisconsin water on her vacations, I get teary eyed with joy and happiness. She's an all American originial - like you both. I'm so glad that the universe moved in it's ways to align you three together. I also hope that in the past six years, she's made your transition to a WV Farm Girl easier and filled with giggles and "OH COCO!"'s. I know she was wonderful for me when I needed a hug or when Jim went way back into those 1800's mines. Although, she didn't hang out inside the minds all that long. She was more like I was ... waiting at the entrance and listening to Jim swing the pick-axe and carry 5 gallon buckets after five gallon buckets of coal so our little cabin on the hill would be steamin-hot, not just cozy. It's amazing to me that she still has teeth and you still have mower blades from her rock adventures.

    And one little tid bit or two of stories that you may have never heard ...

    Jim would crash hard after his long farm work days. I'd lay away with a candle and listen to her chew on what I thought were rocks until I'd blow out the candle and cuddle to Jim and sleep myself. As you know, there's those late night, "check the fire," moments that must happen when you heat with wood or coal. And I'd learned to sleep through Jim getting up and tossing in more logs and a few more lumps of coal ... until one fateful night.

    "DAMN IT COCO!" exploded into my dreams. I sleepily tossed the covers from off my head and said, "Jim, what's wrong - what did she do?" Her tail thumped as if she were being praised. "Rocks?" I said sleepily.

    "No, this time it's coal!" And I'm certain you've probably not walked on CoCo chewed coal lumps before - so imagine a handful of the sharpest shards of crunchy, thin glass on your tired toes and feet.

    So he threw the coal outside. She followed and within the length of one cigarette from Jim as he picked up the shards, she was back at the door. As he opened it, she had a stick.

    "Oh no - no stick. Next it'll be splinters!"

    We walked more carefully after that and wore slippers!

    And the final CoCo story ... Jim was hand digging under the entire farm-house. There was some sort of water problem which reaily was an ancient spring fed well. As he dug, there became a one inch gap between the house bottom and the side of the hill where they met. CoCo had great fun dropping rocks that he'd toss over the hill as he dug through the 6 foot deep hillside cellar. She would not stop! I had to tie her up. Finally, she understood that he was not going to put down the shovel and such and throw rocks for her. So, she went to the outside of the house and used 3/4 inch rocks which just happened, with a little shove of her nose, to fit through that little gap. Once again Jim said, "Damn it CoCo!" And I had to laugh as she would run outside and around the house, find that gap and push through her rock ... which would land smack in his shovel everytime! He just gave up and laughed along with me.

    She's where she belongs - loved and giving love to a wonderful set of people who never fail in touching our hearts as you write about your adventures on your Brae Bank Farm! Love you all tons and more!


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