Thursday, December 15, 2011

After school

On Monday we had big plans after school. Farmer John was going to drop me off and go to town for some feed and Christmas shopping. I was going to get started on chores before it got too dark. But, we had a surprise waiting for us when we got home.

We pulled into the parking spot and looked up the hill in front of the house to see ALL the cows in the front yard!

Not in the barn eating hay, not up on the hill in their pasture, not even by the water tank...the front yard!

Well, we had some choice words for them as we got out of the car, went across the bridge and started up the hill. I got the feeling they all knew that party was over when we started up the hill because they did head in the right direction.

Farmer John got them herded together, and I got the gate open by the water tank. They all headed back to where they belong without too much complaining. I snapped this picture just as the last ones were headed back inside the fence.

As much fun as after-school cattle wrangling can be, I think we will start chaining our gates shut. Hopefully that will contain our bovine escape artists.


  1. Perhaps they are in league with a racoon with clever hands that may, if you chain lock the fences, visit the house to steal the key to let them out while you are away or least expecting it! Mollie, I burst into giggles, then actual guffhaws and full blown laughter when I read this post! What joy. Never the same day twice and the fitness of chasing cattle can only be for the best for you both. Well, what else can we, your readers say? You have an organic, INSIDE fertilizing caff, a dog who never needs her teeth cleaned as she loves sandblasting them with local and organic rocks, and a herd that misses you so that they line up to meet you as you arrive home then patiently wait for you to "allow" them back into their own portion of the farm. In addition, you NOW have the knowledge that you will need some sort of fence at the bridge or you may have the three billy-highland's gruff one evening when you are coming home! These precious years you write of ... keep them coming!

  2. Well, they're Highland cattle so, of course, they're smart. I bet they were counting cars.


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