Sunday, March 4, 2012

Behind the scenes

In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when I blog.

Not all the time – just on cozy Sunday mornings.

Hope you and yours are having a relaxing Sunday. I’m on my way to San Francisco today for a training for work and some quality time with my California family. I hear it’s starting to look like Spring out there and I can’t wait to see the flowers and produce. Farmer John will be keeping the farm under control for the week. Godspeed Farmer John!


  1. But where do you put your cup of coffee?

    Have a fantastic trip! I miss winter this year, but I'm also ready for spring. Warm weather and flowers sounds delightful.

  2. Indeed Mollie has arrived in SF. On the day she arrived the temperatures were record breaking warm...which made even more flowers bloom. Then this morning we awoke her with an earthquake. One of the hardest I have felt in years. No damage and Mollie slept right through it. I think she has had so many demanding projects on The Farm an earthquake seemed minor.

  3. I'm with you, Kate. I missed winter in December and January, but by February I was ready for Spring. Now even more so. We still have real snow on the ground in Rockford but hoping for high 50's tomorrow. It can't come too soon. I say: bring on the heat and humidity .

  4. Take care Farmer Mollie! You look devilishly happy with your pups!


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