Monday, March 12, 2012

Home again, home again

Well, I'm home again after a WONDERFUL trip to San Francisco. The weather was great, the training for work was very informative, the food was delicious, and the time with my family was priceless. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to go on this trip. 

The one photo I will share is from our evening at the Ferry Building. I really enjoyed getting to stroll around and look at all the specialty food shops. We stopped in one market and I went to check out the meat counter.  I'd been checking what shops charged for grass-fed beef. I wasn't shocked by the beef prices at the Ferry Building but, then I got to the end of the counter and laughed out loud at the price of venison! I know a bunch of folks in West Virginia that have a freezer full of venison - none of which they paid $40 for! Farmer John and I are talking about a new business plan for the farm - shoot as many deer as possible and drive them out to San Francisco. Not exactly local food though. 

Farmer John wants you to know that what is called "Fillet" in San Francisco is referred to as "backstrap" in West Virginia. Ha!

Yesterday the weather was lovely. We spent some time just puttering around the farm. Farmer John hooked up the blade to the tractor and graded out the gravel driveway. I picked up a winter's worth of yard debris, brushed Badger, and gave the chickens some new nesting-box hay. I also cleaned up eggs - the gals were busy while I was away. 

We ended the evening with a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset on the back porch. Spring is on it's way, which means many more porch sunsets to come. We can't wait!


  1. Thanks for your California visit, Mollie. As an artist you have eyes for everything...from The Wood Line to the Sausage Shop in the Ferry Building. I also hope the Orton-Gillingham Course was inspiring. Now it is back to work! Enjoy each day.

  2. Lorraine in WisconsinMarch 12, 2012 at 9:06 PM

    Wow, I'd love to have some of those beautiful eggs!

  3. We are happy you are home Mollie - safely! The price of deer may be so high because west of say, Kentucky, the deer are the size of rabbits! lol

  4. What about pork? Have you thought about getting some hogs? One of the local shops we like to support has acorn finished pork for $42/lb. I can buy it apple and acorn finished pork from a local farmer for a little less than $6/lb. Real food does cost more and I am happy to pay that extra price. I am sure lots of others feel the same way.

  5. Arlie- Yep, hogs are in our future. I'm not sure how soon that will happen though. I've heard great things about acorn finished pork, and I know it will sell for a good price. I'd like to try it sometime.


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