Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gas Pipeline Work Space - part 1

Prepare yourself, the next two posts will be heavy on the photos. 

After we'd rented out some of the land for a gas pipeline, we were approached by the same company about renting out a temporary work-space. They needed space in our hayfield to work on running the pipeline under the creek. 

Farmer John and I worked with the pipeline company to come up with a contract that made everyone - but especially us - happy. We were concerned with what they would be doing and for how long they would be doing it. We look out on this hayfield from the house, as well as use the hay to feed the cattle. 

One of the biggest requirements was that the area they use be "matted". The mats are large wood planks that fit together to create a temporary road. Any vehicles or equipment that travels in the hayfield have to stay on the mats, so as not to tear up the hay and topsoil.

Above is the first sighting of a semi-truck in the hayfield. It was a strange sight. Below is Farmer John testing out the mats, they turned out to be a good road for the four-wheeler also.

At the very end of the hayfield, they built a temporary bridge across the creek. Yes, the pipeliners had a bridge before we did.

Here's the view from the far end of the field back to the house and barn.

They are using the space to build pipeline. Then the pipeline will get pulled under the creek when they are done assembling and drilling.

It's been interesting to watch this whole process happen in our backyard, but I for one won't miss them when they are gone. Check back tomorrow for more photos of heavy equipment in the hayfield.


  1. Lorraine in WisconsinMarch 14, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    You are making a temporary (at least we'll hope it's temporary) sacrifice of your land, view, privacy, and quiet for the greater good of helping get energy to where it's needed. Be vigilant to make sure it is all restored to your satisfaction. Here in WI the frac sand is being aggressively mined and I am not hopeful the land will ever recover from that assault. It is strip mining at its worst.

  2. The changes at the farm have been utterly amazing. I've lived through it in all sorts of "states" of being and to be honest, this just another one. I also think that, in the end, you will benefit in additional ways not yet seen. Love ya two!


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