Friday, April 6, 2012

Asheville animals

One of the days we spent in Asheville included a tour of three farms. The farms were really in Polk County, which is south of Asheville, it was a gorgeous area. 

We started at a Leap Farm, which focuses on produce. It was a small operation, but the farmer's work with soil was very interesting. 

Next, was a tour of a bio-dynamic farm. Here things were familiar. They have three mini-Highland cows. 

I took this photo to make ours jealous. Not really, but two of their three cows are very tame and friendly, so it was fun to scratch their heads. 

Next it was on to something not so familiar. The third farm had a impressive array of poultry. 

Guineas may be in our near future. "Uncle" John is thinking of getting a few to keep near his garden. The ones pictured below were by far the quietest guineas I've ever met. And a quiet guinea is a rare guinea. 

This farm had a huge enclosure of peacocks. There must have been 30 peacocks and several different breeds. 

At the same farm with all the birds, they had the grand-finale of the tour. Bison! These guys and gals were HUGE, they made our cows look like lap-cows in comparison. I'm pretty used to being among our herd, but the bison were intimidatingly large. We all stayed behind the safety of the large steel gate.

Finally, we stopped by the Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock, NC. It's a lovely site run by the National Park Service. There was a lake, winding paths and flowering trees, but the best part was the goats. Carl's wife raised prize-winning goats, and they still have some on the property. This guy was lots of fun to feed. 

Thanks again to Migrant Farm-Hand Becky for the fun visit. We knew we'd have a great time exploring Asheville with you, but we didn't know you would show us so many fun animals!

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