Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Good News

While Farmer John and I were on the road on Saturday we got a very happy phone call. A calf was born that morning. 

It's a bull calf, who appears to be very healthy. He's nursing, pooping and running around the pasture. 

Bonnie is his big sister, and she seems a bit confused about this new interloper. 

Last year all the calves were born almost exactly a month apart. We are interested to see if the same pattern will continue this year. For now we are so thankful and excited that this calf looks so healthy and that he was born to a very good mom.  


  1. This is tremendous news and congrats on the wee boy!

  2. Conratulations on the arrival of a fine young boy! Baby chickens. A baby Highland. You have a regular nursery going on the JBBF!


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