Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's new?

What's new around here? The garden is growing. So far we have lettuce, spinach, peas, onions, dill, collards, more lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage in the ground. They have all survived the swings between frosty mornings and 80-degree afternoons. 

Despite all that being in the ground, the only thing we're eating from the garden is the lettuce. It's delicious!

The chicks are getting BIG! Farmer John and his mom got a new coop set up last week. But, the gals aren't quite ready to move just yet. For now they'll keep hanging out in their pens. We gave them a little more space by hanging water and food troughs on the outside of the pens. They can reach their heads through the wire to get whatever they need. 

And....look at that lush grass. More about that soon. 


  1. Lorraine in WisconsinMay 1, 2012 at 9:27 AM

    I am wondering if the heavy equipment is still parked in your field? The gardens and grass look great!

  2. Is that the portable coop in the background? Simply amazing and how wonderful that you two are living the Mother Earth News life!


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