Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Cabin Project - Ground Breaking

Last year we stained our cabin. This year we have much bigger plans for it. We'd like to make the cabin a livable space, either for visitors or someday even us. 

The first step is to get water to the cabin. We're combining that step with building a bathroom. The cabin doesn't have any plumbing, so we'll have to run all the septic/water/waste lines as we build the bathroom. Here's Farmer John breaking ground on the first day of the project. 

On the first day he measured for the slab-form, excavated the area, and built the form. Our friend Mark is helping design the project, so he's been talking us through what we need to do. One of Mark's major concerns is that the pipes could freeze. There isn't a basement or crawl space or even insulation under the cabin. This means we can't run water lines under the house. All the incoming water lines will run underground and then into a concrete slab. 

So, all this work in the heat, is just preparing for winter and cold temperatures. Which, come to think of it, is a lot of what we do throughout the summer. 

This promises to be an interesting project. As with most projects around here, I know we will learn a whole lot. We're especially thankful to Mark for taking on the project with us. He's a patient and generous teacher. 

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  1. I remember listening to Pap talk about putting a bathroom there. He teased us that it would be an outhouse on concrete that we would get to clean! lol This is getting interesting.


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