Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Perspective on a project

Here's a view of the farm from this week. Look at that bridge! You could even drive across it!

The whole bridge project was a mess, and it's not  done. The upside is that we can drive across it, and gosh that's fun. We can drive up to the house in the dark, in the rain, in the heat, and with a trunk full of chicken feed. It's infinitely better than the walking bridge. But, I do miss that walk across the creek every now and then. I guess I only miss the walk on beautiful sunny days like this and not in the dark, rain, heat, or  while carrying feed. 

That bridge was a monstrous frustrating project. And we have a large project planned for the summer. I hope it won't be as frustrating. However, when it is, I hope to remember that it will get done, and it will be worth the headache when it's all over. 


  1. So pleased that the bridge is in place and working. Still thinking of painting it the color of the Golden Gate Bridge? That is a timeless hue.

  2. I am just so proud of you both for going through these things. Usually, an old farm like this just rots away. Now, it is alive and breathing. I want to tell you a brief (hopefully) dream I had years ago that I can't forget. I was living in Texas with Wayne and the kids. Pap had died and the farm was alone. I was in the barn. Teresa, Jenny, Rusty and I always played there. Only this time, Pap, Dad's Dad, was there. He was working on the baylor. I was stunned and said, "Pap, you are dead! Why are you here?" He just smiled and said, "I'm getting the baylor ready. Go tell Nanny that I need a jug of water." I walked to the house and went up the steps and there sat Nanny on the backporch stringing beans of all things. I told her and she said, "Will you get it? It's on the table." I walked into the kitchen and there it sat. One of those old coleman round water jugs that I'd not at all be surprized if it still is there in the shed off the walk. I took it back down to Pap and even heard the ice cubes rattling inside. When I got there, he said, "Well, when your Dad gets here, we'll get this hay up." That was it. I was stunned. It was so real. Now, we can see John in the barn and you on the beans with Beast and Coco and perhaps little Will or Nate or Mikey getting the water for Farmer John.

    The bridge looks great! I hear you are going to be vacationing in the cabin? What a pleasure! Love this blog!


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