Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden greenery

Our garden by the house is so green right now. It's a big change from last year when we didn't even get to plant it until mid-May! We spent most of Sunday weeding, harvesting and planting. Here are a few photos from around the garden. 

The dill and onions are doing well. Especially the dill. Anyone have a recipe to use lots of dill? What I mean by that is, does anyone have a recipe to use lots of dill that isn't pickles?

The collards are also looking healthy. They've been thinned and weeded, now they are getting big. We've been trying out ways to cook them that doesn't involve bacon grease. So far balsamic vinegar and ThistleDew honey is my favorite. 

The peppers aren't looking so great. They haven't seemed to grow much since we planted them. We don't see any bugs or signs of disease. So, hopefully as it gets warmer they will get growing. 

Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil! A gift from my trip to San Francisco this spring. 

Our broccoli is doing so well this year. Farmer John says it's the best broccoli we've ever grown. (Although, I think he said that last year too.) We've eaten it steamed with some potatoes a couple times in the past week. 

Finally, here's another view of the garden. This part has the warm-weather crops - tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and peppers. The garden will be much more colorful as those crops mature. 


  1. Beautiful and delicious!
    How is the "Three Sisters" garden growing?

  2. You could use the dill in dips and to spice up salads and even in some mixed drinks! I believe it makes a nice sachet to hang in a musty closet and could be some sort of bug repellent - not sure on this one.

    I think the peppers are in shock from the early year we've had. Genetically, they respond to a certain level of sunlight and angles and the like - but John would know this or Dad.

    I can't wait to see the wisteria along the porch and the berries this year will probably be superb! I'd love a pint just to munch on.

    Have you grown chocolate basil? It tastes just like a peppermint patty! I could see you creating a chocolate pesto! Yummy!

    Have you planted Luffa gourds? They would make such excellent bath scrubbies and when used up, toss to the cattle!

  3. My parents have tons of dill growing in their asparagus patch, and, like you, have had trouble figuring out what to do with it all. Their favorite so far is to make dill pesto & drop big dollops of it into carrot soup.

  4. Mrs. Burns Basil looks great! Let me know how you like it. Remember your visit last Spring...fun to have you in the Bay Area.

  5. I got it...Swiss 'n Dill bread!

  6. Mom, that is a fantastic idea. Should I send the dill there, or do you want to get the recipe and send it here? :)
    So far we are enjoying a dill dip that goes well on falafel and veggies.

  7. Try yummly.com. That site has a number of bread/biscuit recipes using dill. Several sound really good!

  8. Mollie, Ruthe will saute collards in olive oil, or even blanch them. sometimes we add sun dried tomatoes or garbanzo beans, or other types of beans. We never use anything to do with bacon. pretty basic and pretty good


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