Monday, August 27, 2012

The flock on pasture

A couple weeks ago, we moved the chickens. Now, you should know that the events leading up to these pictures were quite the sight. I just didn't get any photos during those events. 

I decided that we should move the chickens, during the middle of the day, which generally isn't a good idea. It's better to move them after they've been closed in the coop for the night. If you move the coop when the chickens aren't in it, they can't find it. Chickens are not very bright. 

So first thing we had to do was get the flock into the coop. We bribed most of them by giving them some grain. Then we herded a few more inside with all the others. But, things are never easy around here, and we were left with seven stubborn Araucanas that were not about to go in the coop. We gave up on them, and got busy taking down the 'Electro-net' and hooking up the tractor. 

After pulling the coop about 20 feet forward, we had it in an area with lots of fresh pasture. They are now just below the cow corral. Farmer John mowed down some of the grass to prevent the 'Electro-net' from grounding out. Then we set up the fence. Even with three of us working on it, this was the most time-consuming  part of the process. 

Next we had the challenging job of gathering the seven runaways. Picture Farmer John, Migrant Farm-Hand Becky, Coco, and me all running around carrying sticks to try and herd these gals inside the fence. Farmer John climbed through poison ivy after them.  Migrant-Farm Hand Becky threw rocks for Coco to chase which flushed them out from their hillside hiding spot. I climbed through the lower part of the barn after a couple. 

Finally we had six back with the flock. (We gave up and let one just roam around, and she eventually got back with everyone else.) They all seem very happy on their new patch of pasture. There's fresh grass to scratch and lots of bugs to eat. 

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  1. CoCo the herd dog. What a sight but imagine - you could be paying BIG BUCKS for exercise equipment! Your home is terrific and your adventures fantastic - thanks so much for letting us stop by the other day. Seeing the farm alive is heartwarming.


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