Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bathroom floor

Our cabin project has had several starts and stops this summer. Farmer John worked to dig out a form for it, then we went on vacation and a big storm slowed everything down. Next he got all the plumbing ready that would run in and under the cement floor. The plan is that these lines will be in the cement and less likely to freeze in the winter. 

Then, several weeks ago, Farmer John and "Uncle John" poured the floor for the cabin bathroom.

Farmer John started by filling in the form with some soil, big rocks, and some gravel left over from another project. He cut some concrete wire mesh to fit inside the form, and that went on top of the gravel. 

We borrowed a friend's concrete mixer, and "Uncle John" manned it. He would dump a bag of Quickcrete in the mixer and add some water. Then mix it up for a few minutes. 

The mixed cement got dumped into a big wheelbarrow. 

And Farmer John would pour it into the form. 

When the form was mostly full, they spread out the cement with hoes. Because in addition to weeding, hoes are perfect for all kinds of other jobs. 

Next they leveled out the cement by shimmying this board back and forth. At that point it really started to look like a floor. 

The final tools they used were a trowel and float. I was busy hanging out in the air conditioning doing important farm-work, and didn't get a photo of the tools in use. But this was the final product. Oh, so smooth and shiny!

We couldn't find a current penny, so Farmer John signed his work. 

And Beast Lite promptly walked all over it! 

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  1. When Pap built that cabin- it was a family affair. We all pitched in - at least , we watched while at most, we carried, pounded, measured, and hydrated those working. It's interesting to see it have a bathroom being built!


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