Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ellie is "Uncle" John's big dog. She was having a hard weekend, but able to come out to the farm for a visit on Saturday. She laid in the back of the truck while Uncle John and Farmer John worked on the old bridge. She sat up from time to time, and was happy to get some pats on the head. She passed away early this week. 

Ellie was a steadfast companion whenever Uncle John was working around the farm. Early on, she was happy to romp around the garden and find good (or horrible) things to smell. Then one fateful day, she got "bit" by the electric fence. Poor thing was so scared by that experience, that she wouldn't come out of the truck. She still tagged along on trips to the garden, and was happy to stretch out in the backseat. 

Eventually she got some courage back, and would bound around when Uncle John and Farmer John were far away from the garden and working on a project near the house. I remember hearing a different "clomp, clomp, clomp" on the porch. When I went to the door, there was Ellie, happy to be hanging out on the porches - out of the truck and away from that awful fence. Sometimes she and Coco would play, but being the old dogs that they are, were usually content to just do their own thing. 

We will miss seeing Ellie in the truck and around the house. And I know Uncle John will really miss his buddy in the backseat. You're joining a new pack of farm-dogs now Ellie. We'll think of you running the hills where there are no electric fences to slow you down. 


  1. I agree with Sam. Sounds like Ellie had a good life.

  2. Another good friend gone, but fondly remembered.
    Such kind thoughts, Mollie.


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