Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keeping warm

Now is the time when we are burning all that wood we cut in the fall. We've had some cold weather and were really plowing through the wood last weekend. This is the current state of the woodshed:

One of the daily chores these days in bringing in wood. This is usually the last chore that Farmer John does in the afternoon. First he will chop the chunks into smaller pieces and load them into the wheelbarrow. 

Next he rolls the load down to the house...

and opens up the backdoor. 

He passes me chunks of wood...

and I fill up the woodbox. 

A full woodbox keeps the fire going throughout the evening, overnight, and throughout the next day. 

It also keeps visiting hounds cozy during their naps. 


  1. A perfect blog for very cold weather. You appreciate how heating with wood warms you many times, I know!
    Good to know you are back up and blogging.

  2. that is a gorgeous stove!

  3. Charming! (Who gets up in the night to stoke the fire?)

  4. That stove looks so homey! Love this blog!

  5. Before long there may be robots to bring in the wood. Then you can take the place of the napping hounds. Wouldn't that be sweet?

  6. Norwegian wood stacking!


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