Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can you name that nose?

It all started the a few days ago. I was trying to take some photos of the pigs. This turned out to be more difficult than expected. I just ended up with lots of photos of snouts.

Which led me to a few more photos. Recognize anyone? 


  1. Ok I have to ask - how angry are the chickens? Why do I ask this? Well, they were first. They had your attention, and more importantly, your scraps! Then came the cows, who shared some scraps, followed by the other foul. Now they have to share with pigs! I feel a flocking revolt on the rise! Love you!

    1. Susi and Jim - I'm not sure the chickens are smart enough to know the difference. Besides, we just moved them to fresh pasture, so they are happy! And, I promise that I'll still give them their favorite scraps - they go crazy-nutso over cabbage. It's lots of fun to watch them attack a head of it.

  2. “All of us have schnozzles . . . if not in our faces, then in our character, minds or habits. When we admit our schnozzles, instead of defending them, we begin to laugh, and the world laughs with us.”

  3. Who "nose" what evil lurks in the heart of men?"...OR FEMALE FARMERS??!!

  4. Looks like the beginning of a great children's book!
    Farmer John is a good sport.
    Clever presentation of farm life. I love all those noses!

  5. the most disturbing post of the blog's lifetime


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