Saturday, April 6, 2013


Wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetic of imperfectness. It is finding beauty in things that are modest, humble, natural, and unconventional. You can read more about it here or in my favorite guide to the subject.

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by all the junk we have around the farm. But, then I try to find the 'wabi-sabi' nature of all that junk.

So the other day I wandered around the farm trying to document some of the wabi-sabi-ness of the place. 

All the while, Farmer John was wandering around actually trying to clean up and get ready for Dump Day. I think we both succeeded. 


  1. Classic photos, Mollie.
    Your mindful wabi-sabiness serves you well as you move along as a new farmer on an old farm.

  2. These are amazing! And a great way to turn old eyesores into spiritual contemplation and beauty. I've been working a lot lately on changing my mental attitude toward things which are beyond my control toward positivity rather than negativity, and you've inspired me :)

  3. That old chair with the paint(s)? I remember sitting in those and bouncing forever! Those chains and rusty digging tools too! I just love your pictures because they capture the farm from a child's perspective and angles.


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