Monday, April 22, 2013

Porcine Pallet Palace

Throughout the past week Farmer John has been making preparations for moving the pigs outside. A pasture was cleared and he has electric fence around it. On Saturday we worked on a new pig fort. They will need some shelter once they are out of the barn. 

Let me preface the following photos/text - we had no idea what we were doing, no plans, no forethought, no engineering abilities, and no money to spend on this particular project. 

Farmer John gathered some pallets from behind Tractor Supply in town and around the farm buildings. We set them up and slid some boards through the openings to keep them together. We also anchored them to some T-posts with baling twine. At this point I was kicking myself for not paying more attention during all my knot-tying classes at Northland College!

Farmer John pretended he was a pig to see how sturdy the structure was. Turns out, we needed more T-posts and baling twine with better knots. Somewhere in here we got pretty frustrated, took a break, and re-worked some of the plans. 

Farmer John scavenged one of the old hand-rails from the walking bridge to form the highest part of the roof.   

We pulled a tarp over it and tied it in place. We are hoping we tied it at an angle that will shed water. 

The true test will come soon when the pigs make their big move outdoors. An afternoon's worth of work might be knocked down with the push of a few strong snouts. 


  1. Handsome digs for pigs. Nice work Jennings Brae Bank Farmers.
    Call on me if you need help from an experienced pig wrangler!

  2. Lorraine in WisconsinApril 22, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Lovely! I think the hens will like it too.

  3. Ok you two ... this WILL work temporarily. HOWEVER, the piggies will push these and go under them, break the boards as well. Remember, we were at Rick and Pam's when they got pigs! Consider these pigs as little kids with nothing to do but dig! They will dig under everything you put around them - for bugs, for sh-s and giggles. So, you MAY want to think this through again and add something so when they dig under, within a few days if the ground is soft, they run into things they can't move - like old tires full of cement! lol LOVE THIS PROJECT!

  4. Let me know when you're letting them out. I want to come watch!


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