Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring hay

We, like other parts of the country, are experiencing a late Spring. The land is just now starting to green up. 

A couple weeks ago we were worried about this. Our hay from the summer was almost gone, and there was no new grass in the pastures. This unfortunate combination meant we had to buy hay for the cattle.

Farmer John and his Dad took two trips to a farm in the neighboring county to get four round bales of hay.

Farmer John unloaded three of them in a spot the cattle could not access.

Then gave one to the herd in their pasture. They were so excited that they pushed and shoved...

...and rolled the bale down into a little ravine.

Despite the cattle's antics, this hay has worked well for us. It fed the cattle while Farmer John was away for several days, and should last until they are once again on green grass.  


  1. All of your posts are fun! One question...where did you find such big bales of hay? I've seen them here and there...once in northern California they were shrink-wrapped and looked like big marshmallows on the fields. You both are very busy taking care of your flock!(s)

    1. Aunt Louise- Those round bales are very popular around here. It is easier to put in hay if you are doing round bales because you only need a tractor and the right equipment - not a whole crew of helpers. We don't have the right equipment to make or move the round bales. Also they do better in a barn or wrapped like marshmallows and we don't have the space for that. There is a lot of hay waste if they sit outside without being wrapped. The bales we bought had been stored inside. I like the square bales because I can move them by myself, and we sometimes use them for other projects (like the pig fort!).


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