Thursday, July 18, 2013

Field of Beans

If you plant them, they will grow. 
Our bean plans are LOADED with beans right now. In fact, they are so full of beans that I should be out there picking right now instead of typing. 

We have three varieties that we've been picking and selling at Farmers Markets and by the bushel. Half-Runners are string beans that are very popular around here for canning. Contenders are a string-less green bean that are tender and delicious. Yellow Wax Beans are also string-less and very easy to pick. They are the sweetest bean we grow. 
Migrant Farm Hand Becky and I added up the hours spent in the bean patch and came up with no less than 40 in the last week.

The beans are teaching me lessons about hard physical work and exhaustion.
They are teaching me that maybe we shouldn't plant so many next year.
They are teaching me that a hard task becomes easier when shared with friends that can carry on a great conversation, tell stories, and laugh at inside jokes.


  1. These beans look just like some fabulous ones we ate recently in Wisconsin!

  2. these July posts really feel like summer. they will be great to review again in December. thanks Braebankers.


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