Monday, July 15, 2013

With a LOT of help from our friends

I've mentioned before that we just could not run this farm without help. Our friends and family support us in many ways. Last week, we had lots of friends lending us a hand to pick and sell produce. 

Here is our favorite Tajik Goat Herder aka "ps" in blog comments. He helped Farmer John with the Bridgeport Farmers Market. He's always been a big supporter of Farmer John and the farm...and really anything having to do with food. 
Here is our IT Guy aka my brother. He visited the farm over the holiday weekend and helped us pick lots of produce for the Wetzel County Market and the Bridgeport Market. He also taught us a great game to play while picking beans...we've discovered it's more fun to play when he's here. 
Last, but far from least, is Migrant Farm-Hand Becky. She thought she was coming to the farm for a vacation - ha! At this point she's picked bushels of beans, peas, and chard. She is also taking care of the farm so that we can skip town for a week!

Thank you Patrik! Thank you Sam! Thank you Becky! There is NO WAY we could have survived the last two weeks without you! 

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