Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Farm Dinners in August

Hands down the best part of living on a farm is the food. During the growing season we just go outside and pick what we want to eat - then combine with a item from the pantry or freezer - and there's dinner.
Here's what we've been eating:
My two favorite recipes from a former roommate - all the way from Sardinia. Brushetta and broccoli pasta...and a gin and tonic...not from Sardinia.
Farmer John has discovered a FANTASTIC pizza dough recipe. It takes two days, but it is worth it! On the left is the first use of our sausage along with broccoli and tomato sauce. On the right pesto, tomato, mozzarella and basil.
 Sweet corn and mashed potatoes. So easy, so delicious!
Farmer John used local wheat for this no-knead bread. Then he combined fresh sausage with the tomatoes that didn't fit in the canner-load for pasta sauce.
Finally, Farmer John and Patrick enjoyed some stereotypical man-time with beers while grilling these pork shoulder steaks. They were amazing! The Berkshire pork was juicy and full of flavor, we made the right breed choice for sure. We really are enjoying the pork and hope our customers are too!

P.S.- Thanks for the questions for Farmer John. He'll be posting answers soon.


  1. Wow! Great photographs make this food look even more delicious than it sounds! Thanks for the meal suggestions. It will make shopping at our local farm market even more purposeful tomorrow.

  2. OK, you can't post that many photos of beautiful food with tantalizing descriptions without sharing some recipes! Especially for that awesome pizza dough and broccoli pasta! (The gin and tonic, I got ;))

  3. Yum! Mike and I still remember that awesome broccoli pasta your roommate made when we visited. It's on Mike's list of top 10 best meals of his life. Could you share the recipe?

  4. The good word is you will have Illinois farmhands in late September. Already they are salivating and hoping the food on the Jennings Brae Bank Farm will be just like what is pictured on this post! WOW! Martha will soon be knocking at the door for recipes, photos and a feature on true farm living! A great blog post.

  5. I'm with Kate. Would love the recipe for the pizza dough and the broc pizza. Such inspiring ideas in this post.


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