Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ask Farmer John

Sorry about the two weeks of blog-silence. There may be a correlation between that and my first two weeks back at work.

Which is not to say that the farm has been quiet. Farmer John has been busy as ever!

Farmer John has agreed to help with a new theme on the blog. He is going to answer some questions. So, this is your chance to ask him what you've been wondering about the farm.

What's growing in the garden?

How does the tractor work?

Which cow is his favorite?

Feel free to ask away in the comments (anonymously is fine) or email me mtoppe{at}gmail{dot}com. He'll answer them or, much like teaching, make up an answer with confidence.


  1. Of all the stuff you grow, how much do you eat/preserve yourself, how much do you sell, and how much goes to the chickens/pigs/compost?

  2. How much of your day is spent outside?

    How often do you have to recruit help to get things done?

    Does growing/raising food make it taste better to you, or sometimes are you sick/resentful of it?

    Do you want a 50ft roll of light weight remay that we got but never used back when we had grand plans, or have you way outgrown that by now?

    (You don't have to answer all of my questions. I understand other people should get a turn too!)

  3. So good to have a new blog.
    I think you hit on something when you ask for peoples' opinions and questions.
    Also, I believe I have a truly wonderful son-in-law who will answer "who knows what kind of" questions!

  4. Farmer John, from your new perspective as a full time farmer, would you support an effort to repeal the 13th amendment?


  5. Farmer John, what's your favorite part of farming? Your least favorite?

  6. Farmer John's Sister SusiAugust 22, 2013 at 5:54 PM

    Farmer John - Have you found anything of value in your kitchen garden? As kids, we found a lot of marbles. I've seen the picture where the now garden was once a barn.

  7. Should fresh tomatoes be stored at room temmperature or in the refrigerator for best flavor?

  8. Should fresh tomatoes be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator for best flavor?


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