Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet the Calves

I'm pretty sure there haven't been enough cute calf photos recently. Here ya go! 
These are the two youngest calves. On the left is Gordon - don't let the name fool you, it's a girl. She was born a little bit early and we were worried at first. Now she is doing just fine. 

On the right is Tuesday. He was born while we were on vacation and Farm Hand Becky was taking care of the farm. She did a wonderful job of keeping an eye on this little guy and his mom. He had some issues with flies during the first week of life. Highland calves are prone to a problem called "fly-strike" and it is just as gross and creepy as it sounds. But, no worries, he has completely recovered and the only signs of the fly-strike are a couple bald patches on his side. 

Gordon is only a week older than Tuesday. Don't they look like they could be twins? 
The third oldest is "Walleye" - named by Farm Hand Becky. This calf is very skittish and shy. I wonder if has anything to do with all the attention she got on her birthday? 
 Finally, our oldest calf is nameless, but she's healthy and growing fast.
 We're hoping to have one (or two) more calves soon. It's a joy to see the herd grow!


  1. Beautiful photos and descriptions of my "grand-calves"! They are such handsome animals. Just right on the Jennings Brae Bank Farm. Thanks for the update.

  2. Contratulaltions on a growing herd. This is an interesting breed...showy and handsome. Is it true both males and females have horns?

  3. I wonder if Little Miss Gordon knows the significance of her name? All the calves have found a wonderful place in West Virginia to grow up!

  4. I see they are "in keeping" with the red-headed nature of the Farmers of Jennings Brae Bank Farm? lol

  5. great pics mollie


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