Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farm Plans For 2014

At the end of 2011 and 2012 Farmer John and I reflected on lessons learned throughout the year. This year we are more excited about moving forward than looking back. We made some personal resolutions, and we also made plans for the farm. We hope you'll keep reading along as we continue our farming adventure!

Watch out farm here comes 2014:

  • Finish the high tunnel
  • Expand gardens to grow more produce and varieties
  • Add another farmers market
  • Add more cattle
  • Add more hogs
  • Raise chickens for meat
  • Finish cabin remodel 
  • Learn more about marketing our meat and produce
  • Fix buildings to make them level 
  • Try not to divorce each other during bean season (I'm kidding, mostly)
  • Any other ideas or suggestions for us? 


  1. - Launch mobile order forms for farm produce and meat
    - Procure and plant fig trees from Lebanese Farmer Joe
    - Take to Craigslist and start soliciting some extra free (or bartered) help for on-the-side farm projects (wait, no, beware Craigslist, there are lots of freaks there, they'll turn your farm into a methlab)
    - Eat Clyde, save his horns, put them on a stake medieval style to instill fear and obedience in his family
    - Delete 1/2 the things from all these lists, remember there will be a 2015, and carve out more time to rest

  2. I will gladly help during bean season. (Planting or harvesting or both?) I do not like the idea of what might happen without help!

  3. Come see your Sister in Charleston for some really great money making ideas!

  4. Good list! Maybe add John's Farming and Cooking Tips. I heard recently one should not put tomatoes in the fridge...just keep them cool so they do not lose their sweetness.


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