Monday, August 22, 2011

Fair Night

Six years ago Farmer John took me on a date to the Wetzel County Fair. I didn't know just what to expect since it was the first county fair I'd ever attended. Well, I was shocked at just how much fun I had. With a sense of humor in tow, my inner country-girl came out and I embraced everything the fair had to offer.

That first night we scoped out the canned goods and produce, admired the arts and crafts on display, laughed at all the tacky merchandise, rode some rides, ate something deep-fried, cooed at the livestock and cheered for the local talent show. And then, the moment I truly fell in love with the fair...we went to the track.

That night the track entertainment a truck pull. Now, if you've never experienced the joy of a truck pull I'd recommend that you watch this. Basically a truck is attached to a weighted sled, the truck pulls the sled and as it does this the weight increases. Whichever truck pulls the sled the farthest wins. However, none of that really mattered. What mattered was that it was loud, the smell of diesel was in the air, and everyone was cheering for this event that I'd never seen or even heard of in my whole life. I jumped on that bandwagon and cheered right along with 'em!

Since that night, we've returned for one night of fair-week each year. Sometimes we take visitors with us - since it is quite the sight to see. This year "Migrant farm-hand Becky" joined us.

We checked out the livestock. These two hogs belonged to one of our students.

Then we headed over to produce area. Here's the Best of Show. I'm sorry to say there was no canned squirrel this year, we checked.

Then it was time for a whole new track event! It was Mud Bog night. Again, this was something I'd never experienced. However, it didn't take long before Becky and I were cheering along with the crowd.

Notice the clean truck in front of the excavator. When one of the crew waved the green flag the truck revved it's engine and drove straight into the mud pit.

Mud goes everywhere, the driver floors it the entire time, and we all crane our necks to see how far it will go before it gets stuck.
Much like the truck pull, I'm now enamored with the mud bog. My life has changed in MANY ways since moving to the farm, and this is one of them. Let me tell ya, I'll be back next year.


  1. When we were little, that Four H grounds came alive for us and it was sooo close to the farm! Cars parked all along the road and walking into the place was full of night sounds.

    I'm glad you are in love with the life I knew as a child and I'm glad you write about it and remind me.

  2. I really think it is quite advanced for hog development that they can grow them with the butchering lines already marked on their skin. Very clever of your West Virginians!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog and smiled so big! Another farm girl! I live on a cattle farm in VA. Crazy! I'm a new follower :)

  4. Hey Britt - Glad you found us! Gotta love the farm life. Love the photo of you in a wedding dress (?) and muck boots :)


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