Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Card outtakes

Yesterday we started to gather photos to use for our Christmas card.

Here are some that just didn't make the cut.

I think I'm going to stop using the "bull in a China shop" saying and instead say "a blind calf in a kitchen".

The coop that flew!

How we grow cats at the farm - organically of course!

This is a face only her owners can truly love.

A very wet and muddy Spring Break.

And, last but not least, the too-short bridge. Here's hoping we'll be driving across it in the New Year!


  1. Wonderful! No need to send your annual photo collection. These say it all.

  2. Great photos, Mollie. Still, I would say, : "Edit". All busy lives have bumps and we manage. The beautiful photos of you and John are special. Although I have to vote for a calf in your kitchen. Did that really happen or are you studying Photo Shop?!!

  3. Where are our photos? Surely we deserve a place on the Christmas card!

  4. what kind of nonsense is this? how didn't the organic cat win?

  5. Mollie, I'm having some health issues right now or I'd have been commenting all along. I think your pictures are the makings of a new "Little House on the Hill" instead of prairie. The farm now has some picture history, taken with the best angles and the most interesting sights! I love the organic cat - I suppose he was just laying there being lazy and was covered up? The cow in the kitchen is terrific - it's a bit of a reach to say that you now have instant organic kitchen fertilizer huh? The bridge drama is worthy of the importance of that item I suppose but most of all, the happiness on my little bro's face when he is around you is just super, terrific, all the way gone, a gas, the best, stupendous and more! You two and that farm were meant to be! Happy Holidays strapping farm lady!

  6. BWAHHH!! CAT HEAD IN GARDEN BHAHWAHA!! CALF IN KITCHEN!! (you totally made our morning.)

  7. Thank you all for the fun comments! They make my day. If you would like our real Christmas card, please e-mail me your address - mostly if you've moved in the past couple months (Patrik! Jordy!)


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