Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Places cows should not go

This is Bonnie
and this is Clyde.

They spent the ENTIRE weekend getting out of the fence. Although, Bonnie only got out once or twice. They didn't have names until this weekend. It got so ridiculous that we had to call them something.

Clyde is ornery. He spent most of the weekend somewhere he should not have been. It was always somewhere with green grass.

About 10 minutes after we'd put him back inside the gate, we found him all the way at the end of the hayfield among the pipeline work.

This last photo is from Sunday, he spent his afternoon hanging around the back porch.

As I write this, everyone is where they should be, but Clyde is relentless so he'll probably be out again soon.


  1. Bonnnie and Clyde are simply jealous. They see the other calf grazing contentedly and want to be part of that fun!

  2. Stop cleaning your house! Stop fiddling around with that bridge thing! Play with us!


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